Beware of these Common Mistakes as a New Driver

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Beware of these Common Mistakes as a New Driver

Statistics show that in the year 2014 about 2,270 teens Between the ages 16 to 19 in the United States  were killed. Apart from these, about 221,313 were taken for treatment in emergency departments. All these were cases of injuries in crashes of motor vehicles. Alarming, isn’t it?
As the best Auto Repair center in San Antonio, JM Automotive has seen  the condition of such vehicles. You will never want to search the internet with “car garages near me in San Antonio” to get your vehicle repaired after a bad accident.

As a new driver, each individual holds some responsibilities. Every day new drivers are getting on the road. It has been observed that most of them are making certain common mistakes that could easily be avoided. These include basic mistakes such as speeding up and sometimes even having too many passengers.
Here is an attempt by JM Automotive, an Auto Repair center in San Antonio to educate new drivers about the common mistakes that they could make behind the wheel.

Common driving mistakes and tips to avoid the same –

Once you exceed the speed limit of your vehicle, you put yourself at the risk of a ticket. Not only this but it also greatly increases the chance of you getting in an ugly accident. There is no doubt that the ticket can in itself be excessively costly and could lead to a rise in the insurance rates for you as the ticketed driver.
The best way to avoid the mistake of speeding is to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. It is imperative to always remember that its better late than never before.

Use of Mobile Phone while Driving
Some say it was an important call, some say they wanted company but it does not matter after you have been in an accident because you were distracted by your call. No matter what, you should never break this rule. Park your car at one side, then talk all you want. You can resume once you are done. In San Antonio, you are also breaking the hands-free law and taking the risk of being ticketed.

You don’t hope to face a day when you have to search “car garages near me In San Antonio”, after an accident. Remember, regular maintenance is also essential for optimum performance of car on the road. For  auto repair San Antonio, the best choice would always be JM Automotive.

To find more common mistakes made by new drivers, hit the next blog.

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Characteristics of Good Auto Service Experts in San Antonio TX

All of us want a reliable auto service expert when it comes to taking care of our vehicle. Auto service experts in San Antonio TX often offer a great arrangement for their services. A crucial part of car maintenance is an oil change, repairing, along with replacing brakes that are worn out.

Casually taking it people also go for a non-licensed mechanic to get their vehicles fixed. This casualty comes along with a number of problems. Taking even a car brake maintenance service in San Antonio is only a good choice when done with a certified licensed mechanic. Good auto service experts in San Antonio TX will always ask for your consent before going for any replacement or modification in your vehicle.

Have a look at the characteristics of a good auto repair mechanic:

Familiarity with this the auto parts

In today’s market, there are a lot of different auto parts available. So when it comes to the knowledge of a good auto mechanic, he should know it all. Owners don’t possess so much knowledge regarding this hence it becomes imperative.

Background check

The market of auto mobiles has complicated with time and high-tech multifarious vehicles have taken over. Experts who have a diverse background and leave no room for lapse repair are crucial. This can be tested through the possession of certifications of various training programs experience in the auto repair field. A mechanic’s real practice of things like car brake maintenance service in San Antonio is beneficial for the vehicle owners like you.

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