Beware of these Common Mistakes as a New Driver

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Beware of these Common Mistakes as a New Driver

Statistics show that in the year 2014 about 2,270 teens Between the ages 16 to 19 in the United States  were killed. Apart from these, about 221,313 were taken for treatment in emergency departments. All these were cases of injuries in crashes of motor vehicles. Alarming, isn’t it?
As the best Auto Repair center in San Antonio, JM Automotive has seen  the condition of such vehicles. You will never want to search the internet with “car garages near me in San Antonio” to get your vehicle repaired after a bad accident.

As a new driver, each individual holds some responsibilities. Every day new drivers are getting on the road. It has been observed that most of them are making certain common mistakes that could easily be avoided. These include basic mistakes such as speeding up and sometimes even having too many passengers.
Here is an attempt by JM Automotive, an Auto Repair center in San Antonio to educate new drivers about the common mistakes that they could make behind the wheel.

Common driving mistakes and tips to avoid the same –

Once you exceed the speed limit of your vehicle, you put yourself at the risk of a ticket. Not only this but it also greatly increases the chance of you getting in an ugly accident. There is no doubt that the ticket can in itself be excessively costly and could lead to a rise in the insurance rates for you as the ticketed driver.
The best way to avoid the mistake of speeding is to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. It is imperative to always remember that its better late than never before.

Use of Mobile Phone while Driving
Some say it was an important call, some say they wanted company but it does not matter after you have been in an accident because you were distracted by your call. No matter what, you should never break this rule. Park your car at one side, then talk all you want. You can resume once you are done. In San Antonio, you are also breaking the hands-free law and taking the risk of being ticketed.

You don’t hope to face a day when you have to search “car garages near me In San Antonio”, after an accident. Remember, regular maintenance is also essential for optimum performance of car on the road. For  auto repair San Antonio, the best choice would always be JM Automotive.

To find more common mistakes made by new drivers, hit the next blog.

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Stay Tuned – BMW’s Next Revolutionary Car Coming in 2021

The next revolutionary car by BMW is just around the corner! It is expected that this baby will make your heart skip a beat in 2021. As the best BMW mechanic in San Antonio, we are very excited about its launch. We are absolutely sure that after reading its potential features you’d be too.

Have a look at the future revolutionary vehicle by BMW:

  • Dubbed iNext
    The autonomous driving electric car would offer Level 4 automation. This means that it would need little to no human intervention at all. It would still be offering the driver the ability to take the steering in their hands though.
  • How BMW always Rolls
    It’s expected that the iNext and the Vision Next 100 would look completely different. This is typical BMW pattern when it comes to vision cars being unveiled by the company. JM Automotive is an excellent BMW service center in San Antonio, which is why it’s our duty to be updated with all of this.
  • The Vision Next 100
    According to Dr. Ian Robertson BMW’s chief of sales and marketing, the Vision Next 100 is basically a vision vehicle that displays something that we think might be technically possible over a coming couple of decades. No matter how different it might be you can always rely upon to come to JM Automotive, the best BMW mechanic in San Antonio.
  • Giving you the Power
    Though BMW is thinking to incorporate Level 4 automation in this next generation car, it leaves something to you as well. It wants to give the customers a choice of whether to drive or not, rather than forcing the automation on them. After all, there are people who are passionate about driving and would love this option. So the pedals and steering wheels are going to stay put.
  • A bright future for the Autonomous Cars
    The sales boss Mr. Robertson says that in his opinion the future is bright. Especially with the vision BMW holds and the power, it has to execute these visions, the future has to be bright. Autonomous cars are going to be the future. However, the driving part would always be encouraged at least by BMW.

Are you ready for Level 4 autonomous cars? We know we are ready to help you maintain them and repair them when required. Let’s welcome 2021 with BMW’s next revolutionary car that is going to change the world. JM Automotive is ready and equipped to assist BMW owners for repair and maintenance. Schedule an appointment at 210-262-2678.

Auto Repair | Auto Maintenance San Antonio

JM Automotive Services

JM Automotive is considered as one of the best BMW service center In San Antonio. The organization surely lives up to its tag by providing diverse services to its customers. The list of services that this BMW Mechanic In San Antonio offers is as follows:

  1. Full-Service Oil Changes
    We recommend a full-service oil change on most vehicles every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. As a BMW Mechanic In San Antonio, we emphasize this especially in BMW and Mercedes like cars. It makes the vehicle’s engine less likely to experience issues. JM Automotive serves the best service with quality oils and lubrication additives. We offer to replace all old oil and oil filters (up to 5 quarts).
  2. Air Conditioning Service
    Our air conditioning service in San Antonio includes performing a full system pressure check for any leaks and a thorough visual examination of all components. We also aim to flush any refrigerant from the system to remove all moisture and complete a full recharge of the system. We don’t stop here. We also check the air temperature at the output louver inside the cabin and the final pressure ensuring proper operation of the system.
  3. Brake Maintenance & Service
    As the best BMW service center In San Antonio, we know how important it is to maintain the brakes of your vehicle. At JM Automotive, we offer a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty. Here you’ll get brake services that are guaranteed to be a 100% “noise free”.
  4. Tune Up
    We hold the ability to complete your entire vehicle tune up needs like spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, coil packs, and much more that your vehicle would require.
  5. Differential & Transfer Case Service
    This service is a simple process including removal of the old oil and replacement of it to the proper fill level with new recommended oil. JM Automotive provides excellent vehicle case transfer services in San Antonio, Texas.

Apart from the list of services above, JM Automotive also experts in providing the following:

  • Cooling System Service
  • Fuel Injector & System Service
  • Air Cleaner Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Power Steering Service

It’s time you provide your vehicle with the treatment it deserves. Bring it to JM Automotive and leave everything else to us. In no time you’ll be feeling like the owner of a brand new vehicle.

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Why Should You Change Your Cabin Air Filter Regularly?

When you are wondering about getting a car air filter replacement in San Antonio, the first step is to know exactly why you need it in the first place. Here’s the answer to this newly popped question in your head, as to why should you change your cabin air filter:

Firstly, you should know that the cabin air filter is hidden within your car’s glove compartment. As a car owner, it is imperative that you pay attention to replacing your cabin air filter. WHY? It’s because the air filters help in purifying the air that circulates within your car. Do you often notice a stale smell perforating throughout your entire car? This might just be the indication that you should immediately take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair center where your car can get the right type of car air cleaner service San Antonio. Such car repair centers in San Antonio are equipped with the essential tools and skilled personnel to provide car oil change services. When specifically looking for car oil change services, you should look for a particularly good and reliable car oil change center in San Antonio.

Don’t sit around waiting for that smell to indicate that your car air filter needs replacement. Replacing the air filters and getting the oil changed frequently are activities that could make you avoid a high priced car repair eventually heading your way.

Still wondering when to take your beloved car for these services? Well, it is advised that you replace the cabin air filter in every 12,000 miles or every year whichever of these occurs first.

Changing the cabin air filter also helps to maintain the right temperature inside the car. Fail to replace on time, and you’ll be saying hello to debris particles and dust that lodge themselves in the filter. This could eventually cause problems for people sitting in the car having allergies or asthma. Different car models have different requirements of air filters. Some have one air filter and others may require multiple.

Finally, after understanding the need of a car air filter replacement in San Antonio you will now need a reliable and cost effective center providing a car air cleaner service San Antonio. Offering you just what you need is the JM Automotive, a CERTIFIED AUTO REPAIR CENTER that provides car oil change services in San Antonio and much more!

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