Learn When Your Car Needs Valve Adjustments


Learn When Your Car Needs Valve Adjustments

Although valve adjustment has now become less necessary in modern cars – all thanks to the adoption of roller-follower valve train designs that reduce friction and tappets that help maintain optimal valve clearance – it is still a crucial part of the engine maintenance in old cars. Still, many car owners tend to ignore it because of the associated cost. That said, not getting your car engine valve adjusted at a regular interval or when necessary at an auto repair shop in San Antonio, TX, can ruin car performance and may impact its engine life significantly. Repair shops are there to help car owners out with any needs that they require so it is important for them to get their car checked out as soon as they hear or feel something is wrong. Using advanced technology like auto repair software can help with customer needs and get their car serviced efficiently and correctly so there is a minimal delay.


Why your car valves need adjustment

When you drive a new car, its engine is perfectly aligned, which means that all of the engine components work together in sync to deliver you a smooth driving experience. But as you complete a few hundred or thousand miles, the components begin to settle into a slightly different pattern. Similarly, the gap between the top of the valves and the cam that operates them starts changing, which often creates unnecessary engine noise and impacts its performance. By regularly adjusting your engine valves by visiting a car repair center in San Antonio, you can maintain the right space between these two parts to ensure a smooth engine operation and lasting performance.

Driving your car with too much clearance

If there is too much clearance between the valves and the cam, the car engine will start making a rattling noise, and there will be lackluster acceleration. If left unchecked, the engine will undergo too much mechanical wear and tear, impacting the car’s performance to a great extent.

Driving your car with valves too tight

Just like too much valve clearance can cause engine problems, too tight valves can also reduce compression in the cylinder and cause more damage to the engine. In some cases, the engine may overheat and burn out a valve, demanding costly car repair in San Antonio. If your car is experiencing overheating without any reason, it may be because of tight valves. In that case, it’s best to consult an auto repair shop in San Antonio, TX,

Signs that you need valve adjustments

Once your car’s valves start to lose their correct clearance, they are easy to notice. One of the signs is rough idling time, especially when the temperature drops. This rough idling is often the result of the valve closing late, which chokes off fuel. Another sign is the rattling noise from the engine head, which arises from the valves knocking against the camshaft. This noise can annoy you when the engine is cold, but you may hear less of it once the engine warms up. However, no matter how insignificant it gets after the warm-up, it’s best not to overlook it and get your valves checked by an auto repair shop in San Antonio, TX.

If you have reasons to believe that your car needs valve adjustments, feel free to visit us at our local car repair shop in San Antonio and take home back a car that performs like new on the road.

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