Some Common Signs That Indicate Your Car Is In Need of A Tune-Up Job

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Some Common Signs That Indicate Your Car Is In Need of A Tune-Up Job

If you are an owner of an old car, you should not take its maintenance requirements lightly. You shouldn’t dismiss the maintenance requirements of a new car too, but as we all know, older models of car require special attention if you want to prevent serious auto problems from arising. One of the best ways of keeping your old car in top condition is taking it for a tune-up job at fixed intervals. But the problem is, many car owners do not know when to take their vehicle for a tune-up. In this blog, we will share with you some signs that indicate an urgent tune-up job. What are those signs? Let’s find out.

Engine Doesn’t Start Easily

If your car’s engine takes a lot of time to start, chances are there is something wrong with the spark plugs. It could be that the plugs are either misfiring or have become worn out over time. You can easily replace spark plugs on your own and fix the issue. However, it would be better to take your vehicle to an reputable auto repair shop in San Antonio for fixing the issue correctly. There can be other reasons why your car’s engine is not starting properly. A good mechanic shop will locate the issue and fix it in no time.

Noises From The Car

Different cars produce different kinds of noises. It is not uncommon for older cars to produce some level of noise while in operation. However, strange noises or sounds that you’ve never heard before should not be ignored at all. You should take your car to a mechanic shop right away to get the issue inspected. Certain noises such as clanking, squealing, or sputtering indicate serious issues in your car that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Brakes Aren’t Working Properly

The braking system of a car is one of the most essential systems that literally keeps us and others on the road safe. It needs to be in proper working condition in order to stop a vehicle effectively. If you feel your car’s braking ability is going down, you should immediately take it to a mechanic shop to find the issue. You might run into an accident with a poorly working braking system.

Apart from these, other signs include stalling, increased fuel consumption, and warning light on the dashboard. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs or feel there’s something wrong with your car’s normal functioning, bring your beloved car over to JM Automotive. Since we’re known for quality auto repair in San Antonio, TX, you can confidently expect our automotive technicians to fix the problem quickly and effectively.

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